Digital Safety: Data & Trust event

How is data shared within your organisation? When can you assume that this is done securely? What can your company face during a ransomware attack, and what should you do in that situation? How can we learn from cyber incidents? Join us on 7 November at the Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering (CVD) in Apeldoorn to explore these questions and delve into the world of digital security.

Lodewijk Asscher, the driving force behind the CVD, emphasises the increasing importance of digital security in today's world. The CVD addresses key questions related to digitisation and security, covering four main areas: education, lifelong learning, entrepreneurship, and research. With a national impact, the CVD has created a knowledge environment that promotes advancements in the field.

During the event, we will explore ongoing research conducted at the CVD. We encourage you to attend and share your practical challenges in the field of digital security. Stay up to date with the latest developments in the field and discover opportunities for mutual support and collaboration.

This event is jointly organised by the Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering (CVD), the Twente University Centre for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR) and the Digital Society Institute (DSI).


Here's a sneak peek of the program:

  • Joint lunch
  • Inspirational keynote by Prof. Dr. Sandro Etalle, Head of Security Group at TU Eindhoven, founder of SecurityMatters, and involved with the Eindhoven Security Hub.
  • PhD Carrousel: PhD candidates will take you through their research.
  • Company Carrousel: Share your ideas and challenges with us.

Want to join the event?

A selected group of participants has already been invited. If you want to join the event, express your enthusiasm by sending an email to However, please note that there are limited spots available, therefore not all people can secure a spot for this event.