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Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering

CVD is a knowledge centre where thinking and doing meet. Here, entrepreneurs and public institutions share questions about security and digital transformation. Researchers get to work on these questions together with the field. Knowledge gained is incorporated into education, so that (future) professionals can be at the forefront of a safe digital world.

Challenges of tomorrow

With the cooperation between secondary, higher and university education, the business community and the government, CVD creates a creative breeding ground for thinking and acting on security and digitisation. The broad mix of partners creates an environment for tackling the challenges of tomorrow. At the same time, the centre also gives a boost to the economy. Together, we stimulate the innovation and development power of entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions.

Central in Apeldoorn

The home base of CVD is centrally located Apeldoorn. It is the place where many of our partners are based. The city has traditionally been a centre for security. The Police Academy, the Royal Netherlands Army and the training centre of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary are rooted here. Achmea, the Tax and Customs Administration and the Land Registry - institutions with sensitive data files - have their headquarters here. KPN Security, another leader in digital security, is also based here. And with over 8,000 IT professionals, the city is a digital market leader.

The initiators

CVD is an initiative of Hogeschool Saxion, the Police Academy, the University of Twente and the Municipality of Apeldoorn, in collaboration with the Training and Knowledge Centre of the Royal Military Constabulary, the Royal Netherlands Army, the Institute of Physical Safety, Aventus Foundation and Apeldoorn IT, the network of companies and institutions with IT professionals.

Mission & vision

If you want to take the current issues surrounding security and digitisation seriously, you have to do so integrally and interdisciplinarily. Industry, knowledge institutes and government need each other to be able to learn, research and innovate. Our mission is to set up programmes in which we bring theory and practice together. In short, powerful projects, we work on current safety issues.

The theme of security and digitisation touches on a multitude of developments in society. That is why we sharply delineate what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. We will draw up a clear knowledge agenda with activities in education, research, business and public debate. The following frameworks determine how we fill that agenda:

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