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DSI Meet up: Teaming up with industry How to build and maintain an external network: tips, tricks and anecdotes on this tricky subject

DSI will organise several Meet Up's in 2024 to touch upon various topics as requested by you: the community! In this edition: Setting up and maintaining an external network - suggestions, strategies and interesting stories about this challenging topic.

The first meet-up will be about the hurdles (junior) professors encounter when trying to build their professional network, with regional and/or industrial partners. Sometimes building this network is truly a long-term investment without clear results in the short term. But is it then still worth it? And then.... how to approach a company? Just call or mail them? That is easier said than done....! How do successful colleagues do this? What is exactly expected from YOU?

Well, during this informal and informative gathering, our two very appreciated and experienced colleagues Marc Zinck (Malvern Panalytical) and Abhishta Abhishta (IEBIS - BMS) will share their lessons learnt and professional take on this. 

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