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Energetic kickoff for AI@Work Learning Community Starting point for the future of work

On 26 June, the University of Twente held the very first meeting of the AI@Work Learning Community, a network of professionals and scientists focused on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. The meeting brought together a diverse group, including HR managers and policy advisors from healthcare organisations like Liberein, MST, and ZGT, and researchers from Saxion and the University of Twente.

This community was created as a platform for learning, innovation, and collaboration, to explore both the technical possibilities of AI and understand its impact on work processes and workplaces. Maarten Renkema, co-initiator and assistant professor in Human Resource Management and Innovation, highlighted the importance of this learning community by referring to research showing that "AI has the potential to affect 40% of our jobs." He also pointed to the increasing media attention on AI, which raises questions about how much this technology can take over our jobs, while research shows that AI can actually assist and support employees.

First meeting: exploring and connecting

The first meeting involved getting to know each other and exploring AI-related issues. Pauline Weritz, assistant professor in Organizational Behavior, Change Management, and Consultancy and co-initiator, introduced the interactive World Café session. After her introduction, the participants spread out over different tables, where lively discussions took place about the implementation of AI, changes AI brings in various departments and sectors, and the essential skills for effective integration of AI in daily work. The rich exchange of ideas and insights provided much food for thought, and soon plans were made for future meetings!

Collaborating for the future

A Learning Community is specifically designed as a model that brings together learning, working, innovating, and researching within public-private partnerships. Through experiments and sharing experiences, focusing on sectors like healthcare and education, the community aims to gain insights into how AI can be applied ethically and effectively.

In 2024, the Learning Community will organise five meetings where the latest scientific insights and practical applications come together. These sessions are aimed at deepening various aspects of AI in the workplace, to develop a better understanding of how AI can transform our way of working. Together we shape the future of work!

Are you interested in joining the AI@Work Learning Community? Please contact Maarten Renkema or Pauline Weritz for more information.