UTDSINewsSEG digitalisation announces winners new year's challenge

SEG digitalisation announces winners new year's challenge

Just before the end of 2021, the Shaping Expert Group (SEG) on Digitalisation presented the New Year’s Challenge. With this challenge, the SEG dared both UT students and employees to come up with useful ideas for digitalisation at the University of Twente. The SEG received many bright and implementable ideas, but a few surpassed the rest. Time to announce the winners!

And the winners are..

First place: ‘Analogue to Digital, gamification of lab facilities and rules’

The University of Twente has various lab facilities in different departments. However, it’s not always clear what devices are available and whether it’s suitable for the purposed research goal. Therefore, this submission proposes to create an online environment that shows all the available facilities on campus. In this environment, people can easily get an explanation about the usability of a device, the pros and cons, safety rules, but also show a few examples of previous work achieved with the devices for inspiration.

Second place: ‘CommunUT & AskUT’

Two of the same submissions share the second place. These submissions propose the idea of creating an online platform where both UT students and employees can easily reach out to one another whenever they feel the need to ask questions, discuss topics or ask for feedback. Both are based on the idea that many people experienced the feeling of loneliness during this pandemic. Creating such a platform will offer them the opportunity to reach fellow students and employees accessibly.

Third place: ‘A digital 360° tour around campus.’

The University of Twente is the only full-service campus university in the Netherlands. This makes us unique and we should show that! However, some prospective students can’t easily access our campus. This submission therefore suggests developing a digital 360° tour, so that they can still visit our digital campus!

The SEG Digitalisation also considers the ideas that not have been awarded with a prize as very valuable. Therefore, they will ensure that these ideas still reach the appropriate departments.

SEG Digitalisation

The shaping expert group on digitalisation is a group of experts in the field of digitalisation, the aim of which is to accelerate and bolster our education and research, as well as the university’s operational ecosystem, through digitalisation. This SEG sets out many goals regarding digitalisation at the University of Twente, such as strengthening digital skills across the organisation, designing digital education, digital mobility in terms of time and space, setting up a challenge platform and much more. The SEG Digitalisations strives to have a proactive UT-community, willing and capable of riding the tides of the digital transformation that comes our way. As the only Dutch High Tech Human Touch university, we have a solid position to embrace the opportunities that digitalisation will offer. Together we can make digitalisation work for us, work for the UT!

The SEG Digitalisation is one of the six groups that are formed to connect initiatives and support staff effectively in reaching the UT's Shaping 2030 goals.

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