Add yourself to an expert finder

Want to stay informed about DSI?

With over 2000 researchers working at the UT, it can be challenging to find the right colleague for a specific topic. This tool makes it easier to find the right UT researcher. The interactive cloud view makes it clear at a glance in which area the experts can be found and how they are connected. By hovering and clicking on the visual, people can learn more about the experts, the papers published by the researchers and more in-depth keywords.


Are you an expert at the University of Twente? Follow these easy steps to add yourself to one of our Expert Finders.

  1. Login to your Pure account
  2. Go to your personal page and click 'edit profile'
  3. Scroll down to the 'Keywords' section
  4. Click the option ‘Add Expert’
  5. Cross the keyword boxes that apply to you

Read our manual for more detailed information (pdf).

This tool is founded on several UT-databases and knows a minimal delay of 0-30 minutes once new entries in the database (keywords, newly published papers) are entered, before you will find those alterations in this overview-tool.