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How to Ethically AI? a DSI Meet Up

How to Ethically AI? 

I will show you how AIs are developed from the point of view of the AI practitioner. The story breaks the development cycle into components, articulating the ethical risks at every methodological step, and showing how these can then have cascading negative effects. I will talk about the types and sources of systematic bias in AIs, possible harm induced by the application of AIs in practice (with examples from across areas of AI), and try to show mitigation strategies --- to the extent that they currently exist.  

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dr. D. Bucur (Doina)
Assistant Professor

Doina Bucur (read in English: /'doy-nah 'boo-koor/, with a 'k') [https://doina.net/] is Assistant Professor in Network Data Science at UT, and vice-chair of the Ethics Committee Computer & Information Science (EC-CIS) [https://www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/research/ethics/]. She does cross-disciplinary work dealing with complex systems (social, ecological, cultural, and information systems).