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AI Act and its Implications Informative Meeting

During this informal meeting with grants officer Maria Luisa Carosso, tailormade information will be shared on the upcoming EU AI Act and its implications for UT's research. EU's AI Act will soon be a reality, our reality. And even though regulating Research on or with AI is perhaps not the main objective of this legendary Act, it is already clear that it WILL impact our research. 

Video about the Act

If you have not already done so, please see this video (~5min.) of grants officer Maria Luisa Carosso to learn more about the Act and its implications.

Sign up!

If you wish to learn more about the consequences the Act might carry along for your research, please then sign up and join the informal and informative meeting live on central campus, Wednesday 14 February 15.00-16.00!

If you can't make it on Wednesday 14 February, another option is to join Thursday 15 February 14.00-15.00. Please sign up for this slot here