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Meaningful Human Computer Interaction

16th International Conference on Intelligent Human Computer Interaction (IHCI-2024)

The University of Twente and the BMS Lab are delighted to extend our invitation to you for this extraordinary gathering of researchers, educators, and emerging professionals from all corners of the globe.

Since its inception in 2008, the Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction (IHCI) society has remained committed to advancing technology that revolves around humans, cognitive computing, and humanities studies. The core objective is to promote innovation and foster collaboration through research and experimental development initiatives. 

IHCI 2024 acts as a dynamic platform for the presentation of cutting-edge research findings and technological breakthroughs. Experts and scientists hailing from diverse fields, including artificial intelligence, signal processing, computer vision, and human-computer interaction, will come together to share their insights, collaborate, and push the boundaries of knowledge. 

As the foremost global gathering in this domain, IHCI has attracted top-notch researchers, graduate students, research think tanks, and industry technology developers. Our collective aim is to address the emerging research challenges stemming from the intricate interplay between machine intelligence and human intelligence. We firmly believe that participating in IHCI will empower you to achieve your goals in the realm of HCI, facilitating greater success in business and contributing to the betterment of society as a whole.

Human-Computer Interaction has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, giving rise to various trends. While some conferences focus on specific areas like Interaction Design and User-Centered Design, others explore emerging fields such as Computing with Words, Prosocial Agent Development, and Attention-based Applications. IHCI stands out by tackling issues related to intelligence and human-computer interaction at the crossroads of these trends. This holistic approach allows us to delve into the forefront of research and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Our goal is to establish a leading community of researchers, educators, and budding professionals, setting new standards in research and advancing our understanding of Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Computing.

We eagerly anticipate your participation in IHCI 2024 and the invaluable contributions you will make to our dynamic community. Together, let's shape the future of IHCI and create technology that enriches the human experience.

Intelligent Human Computer Interaction