UTDSIEventsTegenlicht: The Harmful Side of AI

Tegenlicht: The Harmful Side of AI

Philofilm closes this season with a special preview of a backlit documentary about the lesser known, harmful side of AI. After the documentary, there will be a panel discussion led by Andreas Weber, science historian at the University of Twente.

Behind the creative possibilities of AI lies a reality of extraction and exploitation on an industrial scale, with major consequences for the earth and its inhabitants. We rarely think about the raw materials needed to fuel this technology and keep it running. Silicon Valley prefers to keep the true costs of AI out of the picture. It prefers that we talk about our ‘cloud based documents’ instead of the ‘power-consuming industrial estates’.

VPRO Tegenlicht uses the capabilities of AI to depict what Silicon Valley rather keeps out of the limelight, speaking with people who are engaged in dissecting the global AI industry. Including a portrait of the 'critical cartographer' Vladan Joler who maps the AI-driven world behind our screens.

This is a free event, but it is necessary to book a free ticket in advance.

More information can be found on Concordia's website