UTDSIEventsUT Robotics Community Event (internal)

UT Robotics Community Event (internal)

Where & when?
  • Date: 20 September
  • Time: 13:00-18:00
  • Language: English
  • Format: live event at Space53

Acceptance of different types of robotics, in different situations and applications is a situational dependent factor. At the UT Robotics community event oSeptember 20th from 13:00-18:00, we’ll dive deeper into this important and challenging part of our work. A program filled with demonstrations and with end-users of the technology at the site of Space53 and Twente Safety Campus, will show us, you, what acceptance is about.


Robots are perceived as cool, advanced, impressive, and a representation of ‘the future’. As with all shiny medals, there’s also the other side: anxiety for unknown, intangible algorithms taking control, fear of losing jobs, being dominated by machines, dehumanization, etc..

Accepting new technology, and for us especially robots, is a road filled with obstacles. It has many interesting factors, and is not limited to legal or ethical aspects, or applications as drones or surgical robots.

  • Is it a useful instrument to help me with a specific task?
  • Does it make my life easier?
  • Does it provide more safety?
  • Is it necessary to have around all the time or only in certain situations?
  • Do we accept hard mechanics as replacements of amputated body parts?
  • Does a new robotic solution fit in our company processes and way of working?


Stay tuned for more details on the program, and make sure you register!

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