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AI and Data use in Education (AID-E) network kick-off meeting

At the University of Twente, several people are searching for ways to make (better) use of data and AI to improve decision making in education. Examples are: teachers trying to use data to improve individual and group learning performance; policy advisors and managers trying to make data-informed decisions based on proactive analysis and forecasting; professional development providers trying to support staff in the use of data, learning analytics and AI; researchers designing educational tools with AI or studying how to enhance data and AI literacy in education.

The network

Kim Schildkamp (BMS) and Bernard Veldkamp (BMS) with the support of DSI would like to connect these people at our university in a network. With this network we aim to cross the boundaries that exists within the UT between faculties and departments, between different functions, and between different disciplines. We aim to connect different types of knowledge and expertise with regard to data (science) and human decision making; and to inspire, innovate and accelerate the use of data for learning and development within the UT (and the broader society). The main focus of this network is bringing all staff members with an interest in data and AI in education together to collectively share and develop new knowledge. This will be a starting point for further (inter)national outreach.

Our goals

Data use and AI in education are crucial aspects for a university that wants to put people first, wants to focus on high tech and human touch, and bridge people, technology and society. Our mission is to develop an (inter)national knowledge center for data and AI in education, founded locally but with an international outreach, created through this network. The final goals of the network will be developed together with the members of the network, but some initial goals may be:

  • Knowledge development and knowledge sharing within the UT community on data and AI in education from an education, policy and research perspective
  • Knowledge dissemination on the work the UT does in this field, for example by publishing a white paper, special issue or book
  • Working on joint research proposals
  • Supporting the UT in making more and better use of data and AI to improve education
  • Becoming a key member of the new AI lab for primary and secondary education (funded by Groeifonds)

Join the network and kick-off meeting

Please let us know if you are interested in joining this network. We will organize a kick-off meeting on March 7 from 14.00-17.00. We hope to see you there. If you cannot make it to the meeting, but would like to become involved let us know as well via the button below. Finally, please share this message with your UT colleagues who might be interested in this network.

Interested in joing the network and/ or the kick-off session?
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Let’s get connected on this important topic of data and AI in education!