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Cultural associations

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Cultural Associations on Campus

Many cultural activities take place on the campus of the University of Twente. Performances, concerts, exhibitions and courses, everything is covered. The campus offers space for students to become members of the many different associations that exist. In the Vrijhof, various cultural associations, organized entirely by students, can give space to their creativity. A large part of the cultural offerings Vrijhof Culture is partly created by the cultural associations. The weekly rehearsals ensure a dazzling performance at the end of the academic year.

Facilities and support

To realize these productions, the cultural associations can contact Vrijhof Culture for everything related to the facilities in the Vrijhof. Also for general support in realizing the activities organized by the cultural associations.

Would you like to know more about one or more of the cultural associations on Campus? Then click on the cartoon below from LUVANE in collaboration with Cultuurkoepel Apollo.


Apollo is the cultural umbrella organization of the University of Twente. They represent the interests of the cultural associations and help organize cultural events on campus, such as Winterfair, Dance Show and the Gala.


To become a member of these clubs you need the UnionCard. With the UnionCard you can benefit from all kinds of Xtra's, such as free swimming in Enschede or free use of pop studios. Also, with the UnionCard you can follow many different courses. These are cultural courses, such as painting/drawing, creative welding and djembé.

Give it a go platform

Try it before you buy it! For those who don't want to become a member right away, but would like to try it out, there is the Give it a go Platform of the Student Union.