Luister! We eten. Fedde &de Carvalho

This performance has been moved to Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 May next.

Explore the unknown with a stranger.

Are we still connected during the mundane ritual of a meal? Are we in touch with the people around us, and with what we eat? With the sound dinner Listen! We Eat, the artistic team at &de Carvalho deploys digital technology for alternative social interactions around the dinner table - with a special focus on sound and listening. The sound dinner invites you to sharpen your ears and recognise your own influence on the overall auditory environment. Let yourself connect in innovative ways with the nature that surrounds and is part of us every day.

When you sit down, everything on the table makes sound. The tableware and tables are handmade and equipped with hidden audio tools to enable a rich collection of sounds. Based on the sonic input of the tangible materials in front of you and the origin of the food on your plate. While experiencing and eating, you yourself become a performer in an extraordinary culinary concert.

Undergo a unique sound experience, meet each other and the special taste of honest food with a story. With Listen! We eat, we take a journey through our senses, our perception, the wonderful world of our eating habits and the ecological origin of our food.


This performance is a collaboration with the CreaTe, I-Tech and Vrijhof Culture courses. There are four times when the Sound Dinner will take place, 29 May at 5pm and 8pm and on 30 May at 5pm and 8pm. Per dinner, 14 people can take part in this unique experience and experience dining.

Luister! We eten. Fedde &de Carvalho