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Canvas Beperkt Houdbaar

Two actors, one musician, no script. Improv theatre so virtuoso, you must see it to believe it. After winning the NK Improvisation Theatre for two years in a row and their successful theatre tour The Première, improvisation duo Beperkt Houdbaar built up a true cult status in a short time. 

Every evening Andries Tunru (finalist De Slimste Mens and winner of the Personality Prize of Cameretten) and Stefan Hendrikx (known for the television programs Alpacas and Hufterproef) start again with absolutely nothing. A blank canvas on which they, inspired by stories from the audience, unfold an entire universe. Featuring the most exciting characters, the sharpest jokes and musically accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Joep Hullegie. Nothing's fixed, and anything's possible. The most surprising performance of the year!


Chosen as their inspiration night by T.S.V. Pro Deo; all members can attend this performance free of charge, provided they are registered with the board in time.


Students€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50
Others€ 12,50
Canvas Beperkt Houdbaar