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The Premiere Beperkt Houdbaar

Sweaty palms. Jangled nerves. An exited, sold out theatre. It’s time for: the premiere! 

A nightmare for most artists, but for improvisational duo Beperkt Houdbaar it’s a dream. Stefan Hendrikx and Andries Tunru will be premiering every night for a whole season. Every night?! Absolutely. Supported by musician Joep Hullegie, they improvise a brand new show évery night. Moreover, when the show starts they have no idea what it’ll be about… That’s decided by the audience! 

Don’t worry: you don’t have to come on stage: leave that to Stefan and Andries. Where Whose Line… and De Lama’s made improvisational theatre famous, Beperkt Houdbaar shows what else is possible with it. From hilarious sketches and acrobatic scenes to fully improvised musical songs: Stefan and Andries make it seem effortless. Razor-sharp, musical and above all incredibly funny: it’s guaranteed to be a virtuous and unique show. It’s not without reason the duo won the Dutch Champions of Improvisational Theatre in both 2018 ánd 2019! And for one night only, they’ll be performing the show in English! 

So: the red carpet is rolled out, the champagne is chilled: we’ll see you at The Premiere! 


Actors: Andries Tunru en Stefan Hendrikx
Music: Joep Hullegie


For those who want to enjoy a complete night out there's the Vrijhof Dinner Deal!
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Chosen as their inspiration night by T.S.V. Pro Deo, S.A. Astatine and the international group of theatre association NEST (a.k.a interNESTional); all members have free acces! 


Students€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50
Others€ 12,50
The Premiere Beperkt Houdbaar