Patrick Ros
Hedy Hempe

Maths in visual arts Fixed formula or loose interpretation?


Mathematics can seem difficult for the layman to access due to its many formulas and theorems. Following the exhibition IMAGINARY at Designlab UT, at Vrijhof Culture we present two artists who apply mathematics in completely different ways; either rigidly following rules, looking from nature, or only loosely inspired by order. They, Hedy Hempe and Patrick Ros, make us look at math in a different, light-hearted way and make it accessible through their inventiveness, visual language or loose approach.

How do they do it?

Get inside the artist's head and learn more about the process of how art is created and the how the link with mathematics is found.

Hedy Hempe and Patrick Ros, the artists of the exhibition MATHS IN VISUAL ARTS, move into an area between mathematics and art with their works. They play with the boundaries and rules and try out with which material it is all possible to express themselves in this field. Hedy and Patrick will soon take us through their working process via a short lecture in the Vrijhof.


  • When: 22 December
  • Time: 12:30-13:45
  • Where: Small hall-Vrijhof

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