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Art going mobile Beeldbouw designs

Last year Vrijhof Culture commissioned the Enschede based art/design company “Beeldbouw”, a collaboration between Mark van Loon and partner Jet Broekstra, to make a flexible piece of "exhibition furniture". With a compact, demountable, mobile way of exhibiting art for the Campus in mind, something that can be assembled and transported by just one person. 

They succeeded! 

The first art presentation we are showing this way on of the new "exhibition furniture" is of course from the artist-designer and builder himself: Mark van Loon. The presentation was obviously made together with Jet Broekstra. 

How could you describe the company Beeldbouw? Well, what about: “you no longer have to choose between art and design! Because visual artist Mark van Loon, spatial thinker and handy with wood, together with artist Jet Broekstra, photographer, graphic designer, and decorator, form a perfect combination of these two art forms...” 

When selecting the visual material for this presentation, they looked at the working method of Beeldbouw, the basic principles that underlie the creating process, the inspiration that is necessary getting ideas. In short: the game of playing with inspiration and transforming it into ideas and finally the product.