© Ketiskia C. Hodge
© Jip Bertelink

RESHAPE – RETHINK Ketiskia C. Hodge & Jip Bertelink

Sustainability Day on 8 October was the inspiration for this exhibition. Vrijhof Culture found two young artists who have dealt with this subject independently in an intimate, insightful, manageable way: Ketiskia C. Hodge & Jip Bertelink.

Jip Bertelink made an extensive photo series “See again - Seeing everyday things is a start for change”, with items like tea bags, cotton pads, receipts. Taken apart, dried out, cut up, rearranged, or sewn together. A fresh look at everyday things.

Ketiskia C. Hodge designed biological furniture. Her project began as a biological furniture design concept with the aim towards an eco-friendlier material and she focused on a more conscious relation between participant and furniture. Enforced through shaping, reshaping, and touching. She asks with this project if the biopolymer/gelatine is a better alternative to work with for furniture. And in what measures is it biodegradable? To what extend does it change our behaviour towards furniture design?