NEST is the theatre association with about 60 members for all students and employees of the university of Twente who have a passion for theatre.

NEST has four groups:

  • Toneel [NL] 
    This group works on already written pieces.

  • Musical [NL] 
    This group performs musicals.

  • TheatreLab [EN]
    This group writes and performs their own plays.

  • InterNEST group [EN] 
    This group performs plays in English.

The rehearsals take place in the Vrijhof (47), one of the buildings on the campus of the UT. Theatre lab, the Musical and Theatre groups have their rehearsal on Thursdays from 19:20 to 22:00, in Dutch. The international group, called "interNEST", rehearses on Fridays from 18:20 to 21:00 in English.

TheatreLab, Toneel and Musical rehearse on Thursday from 19:20 to 22:00. InterNEST is on Friday from 18:20 to 21:00. 

For the Toneel and Musical groups, you can join only in September. For TheatreLab and the InterNEST group, one can join in September or February.

Don't want to be (directly) on stage? No problem! Even then you can join NEST. Our performances are played by actors, but a backstage crew is always needed to empower the whole performance. Are you interested in decor, make-up, costumes and theatrical technique? Then you are welcome to our association!

In addition to making theatre, we also do more activities like drinks, dinners and camp.

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