A superenergetic, multidisciplinary show with dance, mime, acting, moving images and live music.

Hunger’ is the new show of Fantasten. After moving and impressive ‘Isolation’ / ‘Happy Family’ (Parade 2014) ‘Hunger’ is a relaxed and dreamy performance about the beauty of our 'sexual drive'. A light-hearted research into appease our hunger for each other, to the hunt, to the passionate love.

With: Marle Brouwer, Steef Hupkes, Melissa Pieters and Jorrit Ruijs.

Inspiration night

Chosen as their inspiration night by theatre association NEST!


Students with UnionCard€ 5,-
Students€ 7,50
Others€ 10,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50
Others with CJP / CampusCard / BiebPas€ 7,50
Hunger Fantasten