Quality assurance and course evaluation


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12 December 2018;

4 April 2019;

4 July 2019 

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From 13.30 till 17.00

Group size

Min 5 participants, max 10 participants 


Hans van den Berg


Lecturers / (assistant) professors
This workshop supports UTQ’s Competence 4


After this 3.5 hour workshop you can:

  • Describe the principles and practical application of evaluation of an educational unit
  • Set up evaluation criteria to evaluate your own module/module-part or course and design an evaluation plan for your own teaching situation based on these criteria
  • Make an argued choice for a suitable evaluation method and for instrument(s)
  • Design the instrument(s) or make use of existing instruments
  • Analyse evaluation results and formulate recommendations for improvement based on these results
  • Describe the role of quality assurance in UT’s education


The central theme of this workshop is quality assurance; from the UT level to the level of a single class.
Evaluation is an important part of quality assurance and it aims to assess the quality of certain parts of the programme (lesson, course, semester, etc.), to ascertain that the quality is adequate and to derive recommendations for enhancements from the evaluation results.
Prior to this interactive and active workshop, you will be required to review a 15 minute video. This will support you to prepare for the workshop. We will work on a learner-centred basis, so participants’ learning needs are the basis. Learning needs could go beyond the learning outcomes as outlined above.
In this course you can learn to design and prepare implementation of an evaluation plan. You can learn to choose suitable methods, design or reuse instruments for evaluation; to analyse results; and to formulate recommendations for improving your teaching, including process or products. We can also work on linking an educational unit’s learning goals to programme final qualifications (which is also a subject of Course 1).
The (summative) evaluation of this workshop will be done in class.


6 hrs., 1 meeting and 2 hrs. self-study
Group size: max 10 participants



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