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Taste of teaching


The general aim of this course is the development of teaching skills for PhD candidates with teaching tasks. In this course you will follow the life of a PhD candidate on his first steps on the teaching path. Several real obstacles and dilemmas on this journey come across. Together, through educational theories, exercises and collaboration we will tackle these issues. In this way common beginning teaching problems and positive experiences shall be shared. 

Upon completion of the course the PhD candidate...

  • has an educational vision,
  • can prepare a complete and accurate lesson plan,
  • can perform teaching activities that focus on effective and activating student learning,
  • has reflected on teaching activities and implements continues improvement activities.


Main subjects of the program are preparation and implementation of an educational meeting and how to supervise students in an effective way. Next to a basic program there is also room for own/personal learning questions. 

The bootcamp method of this course refers to an interactive and dynamic way of working by several proven educational theories but especially intensive exercises, feedback and collaboration with trainers and peers. One PhD candidate can be supportive to another candidate to get him/her on a higher teaching level. 

The course is facilitated by trainers of the Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT) of the University of Twente.
Participating in the Taste of Teaching bootcamp provides you 2 EC, which can be increased to 5 EC when combined with actual teaching (and preparation) hours in your department. 


In case of questions or remarks, sent us an e-mail: 

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  • Programme is for

    The Taste of Teaching course is especially offered to PhD candidates engaged in teaching, either as a task and/or as part of their own skills development. It is specially designed in response to concerns from PNN (Promovendi Network Nederland) and P-NUT (PhD Network UT). It caters for larger numbers of PhDs and is indispensable for those who are going to teach. 

  • ECTS

    The total study load is 2 EC (including preparation and assignment).

  • Date

    Februari 2020

    comeback October 2019

    April 2020

    comeback February 2020

    September 2020

    comeback April 2020


    december 2020

    comebakc September 2020

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  • Time

    The course consists of 2 1/2 days training and 2 assignments with a 1/2 day come back for reflection on the assignments.

  • Location

    U Parkhotel, UT

  • Maximum participants

    Maximum 24 participants


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