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Influencing others (and yourself)/Effectiever beinvloeden


After the training:
● You know how to influence yourself and others and achieve what you want;
● You have practiced with effective action in difficult conversation situations;
● You know your own strong or less developed sides better;
● You have insight into others and their reaction patterns and know how to react;
● You can positively change the interaction patterns between yourself and others.


Methods to manage yourself in difficult situations;
Recognizing and influencing patterns in collegial interactions and relationships;
Styles of influence;
Ways to manage difficulty and opposition;
Skills to interact and react with result.


Two full days including lunch
Presence on both days is necessary.

All UT courses are offered in Engslish.* This is also a good opportunity to develop your English skills further. If you find any difficulty in expressing yourself in Englisch during the course, the trainer can always offer assistance.
*unless all participants who registered for the course have Dutch as their first language.

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  • Programme is for

    Employees at an academic or higher professional level who want to gain more influence in conversations and meetings. You learn to make choices in the way you react and act. You gain insight into the background of your own behavior, get to know yourself better and understand the reactions of colleagues better and learn to react in an effective, influencing way. You are prepared to think about your own style and practice with alternative behavior.

  • Date

    Tuesday 8 October and 26 November 2019  

  • Time

    Two full days (total 16 hour), including lunch

    Precensce on both days is essential.

  • Location

    U parkhotel

  • Course fee

    This course is free of costs. You do need permission from your head of department to participate.

  • Maximum participants

    Maximum 12 participants

  • Trainers

    Leontien Kramer, senior trainer VIS trainingen

  • Course materials

    Course material will be provided during the training.

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Marjolein Rietman
Career Development Centre HR
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Influencing others (and yourself)/Effectiever beinvloeden
October 2019
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