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Science Based Education


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    Lecturers / (assistant) professors

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    Several times a year

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    One meeting of 2.5 hours

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    Hans van den Berg;
    Frank van den Berg

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In research, academics act as scholars: they define problems to be researched, based on a thorough understanding of theories, concepts, methods and the body of knowledge of their discipline. It would be hard to think of physics, for instance, without being acquainted with the Maxwell equations or Newton’s Laws. Likewise, it would be tough to imagine a psychologist to do research without a grasp of cognitive dissonance theory. 

But in teaching, academics rarely act as scholars. When designing or improving education, how often do you look at what scientific research has found out about how people learn? How the adolescent brain works? What science has found out about what educational strategies actually have a positive effect on the learning of students?

This discrepancy - or gap, if you will - is what this workshop is about. In an (inter)active setting, we will guide you into the exciting world of evidence based education. We’ll take you on the path of estimating effects of different educational strategies, invite the researcher in you to inspire your teacher mode, do some myth busting regarding barriers to teaching innovation, and learn what John Hattie – the uncrowned king of effect sizes - has to bring you.


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