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How to (re)design & coordinate your module


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    New Module-coordinators

  • Date

    This training is planned on request and requires a minimum of 4 participants.

  • Time

    One half day meeting

  • Location

    Citadel H411 or Design Lab

  • Trainers

    Mail to sign-up or for more information:


At the end of this course the participating module coordinators are able to:

  • Describe the process of implementing a module
  • Design a module that is logically, coherent, integrated and in line with the TOM vision and with the educational culture of the programme
  • Describe the key aspects of the concept of Student Driven Learning at the UT
  • Integrate (aspects of) Student Driven Learning in their module design
  • Use a basic (educational) design model to (re)design their module
  • Outline what stakeholders are involved in their module and point out who needs what information when 
  • Integrate evaluation activities within the module design


This course is designed for new module coordinators. Several educational design approaches for (re)designing a module are discussed. You will learn to optimise/use aspects such as Student Driven Learning and integration in your module design. Also, you will be informed on the organizational aspect of module coordination. We elaborate on: Working with the Centre of educational support, managing students expectations, communication with the module team and evaluation.


Workshop and hands-on practice


Not applicable.

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