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How to (re)design & coordinate your module


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    New Module-coordinators and experienced module-coordinators

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    This training is planned on request and requires a minimum of 4 participants.

    Sign up together with other module coordinators (of your programme).

  • Time

    Two half day meetings;
    Preparation 1 hour

  • Location

    Citadel H411

  • Trainers

    Mail to sign-up or for more information:


At the end of this course the participating module coordinators are able to:

  • Describe the process of implementing a module
  • Design a module that is logically, coherent, integrated and in line with the TOM vision and with the educational culture of the programme
  • Describe the key aspects of the concept of Student Driven Learning at the UT
  • Integrate (aspects of) Student Driven Learning in their module design
  • Use a basic (educational) design model to (re)design their module
  • Outline what stakeholders are involved in their module and point out who needs what information when 
  • Integrate evaluation activities within the module design


This course is designed for new and experienced module coordinators. The course is split in two parts that can be followed separately. The first part focusses on the design of a module. Several educational design approaches are discussed. You will learn to, Student Driven Learning and integration in your module design optimise/use the TOM aspects. The second part focusses on the organizational aspect of module coordination. We elaborate on: Education logistics (together with CES), managing students expectations, communication with the module team and evaluation.


Workshop and hands-on practice


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