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Course 3 : Testing and Assessment


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  • Programme is for

    Lecturers/(assistant) professors

  • Date

    Several times a year

  • Time

    Three half day meetings;
    Preparation 8 hours (self study/working on your own products)

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  • Trainers

    Chantal Scholten MSc;
    Marloes Luttikhuis MSc;
    Drs. Helma Vlas

  • Course materials

    You will receive (links to) materials at the start and during the course. Recommended literature:
    Chapters 10 of “A handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” edited by Heather Fry, Steve Ketteridge and Stephanie Marshall


    Chapter 7 in “ Leren (en) doceren in het hoger onderwijs” Ton Kallenberg, Linda van der Grijspaarde, Astrid ter Braak


After this course you can:

  • Describe various assessment methods and indicate the relation between learning outcomes, teaching and assessment
  • Choose an appropriate assessment method and justify your choice for your own teaching situation
  • Construct a valid assessment plan (matrix) for your own course
  • Design and construct a test or assignment that will meet the quality criteria (valid, reliable, transparent), including an answer sheet/assessment framework
  • Describe the pitfalls and concerns regarding the organisation of a test or assessment session
  • Mark the results of a test/assignment and provide a grade in a fair, reliable, transparent way
  • Analyse test results and draw conclusions for further –improvement of the way you assess your students and conduct tests/assignments


This course is about assessing student learning in higher education. We will use a step-by-step plan for constructing and marking a test/assignment in a valid, reliable and transparent way. You will also learn to analyse test results in order to improve your own course and tests/assignments. 
The course helps you to construct evidences that meet the criteria for the University Teaching Qualification.


During the meeting the trainers will present theoretical background and provide instruction, tips and examples. But most of the time you will discuss with colleagues relevant assessment issues and work on your own products for further improvement. You will learn a lot from the other participants, their materials and the issues they bring forward.
To prepare for the course and in between the two sessions, you will work on assignments that includes studying literature and micro-lectures on video, making an assessment plan for your own teaching and analysing the test results of your own course.
Resulting products can be used for your UTQ-portfolio.


Not applicable.

Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching
Chantal Scholten
Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching
Helma Vlas
Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching
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Course 3 : Testing and Assessment
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