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Pleasantly assertive


You are an employee of the UT and:

● You want your opinion to be heard more often in meetings, but you feel inhibited to do so;

● You want to appear clearer and more confident to others;

● You find it difficult to say no and indicate your limits;

● You hesitate to give others feedback because you do not want to hurt them;

● You want to be more assertive, but remain respectful;

● You want to listen better to your own needs and also make them known to others.


After the training:

● You say no more often if you want to and with less stress;

● Let others know your limits and needs;

● Indicate more clearly what your wishes are;

● You let your opinion be heard during meetings;

● You can criticize in a respectful and understandable way;

● You can receive feedback from others;

● Your self-confidence has increased.


● Reasons why  many people find it difficult to say no

● I know my selves: insight into yourself, your strengths and your beliefs and how the can limit and help you

● Say no without guilt and with respect

● Take the floor -when you need to- in a meeting

● Make a request and refuse a request

● Give and receive feedback

● Practice with your own difficult work situations

All UT courses are offered in English.* This is also a good opportunity to further develop your English skills. If you experience any difficulty in expressing yourself in English during the course, ask the trainer for assistance.

*unless all participants who registered for the course have Dutch as their first language.

  • Course code

    PA-2105 & PA-2109

  • ECTS

    0.5 ECTS

  • Date


    19 March and 23 April 2024

    3 October and 7 November 2024

  • Time

    Two whole days: 9.00-17.00

  • Location


  • Course fee

    This course is free of charge. Participation is in consultation with your supervisor.

  • Maximum participants

    Maximum 12 participants 

  • Trainers

    Leontien Kramer and/or Kees Rijssenbeek, senior trainers VIS trainingen. 

  • Course materials

    Will be provided during the training.   

Further information
S.P. Boekholt (Sofia)
Course Coordinator CDC
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Pleasantly assertive
October 2024
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