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Student-centred teaching and learning


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  • Programme is for

    Experienced lecturers / (assistant) professors

  • Date

    On demand

  • Time

    Two half day meetings;
    Preparation half an hour (for questionnaires)

  • Trainers

    Hans van den Berg;
    Frank van den Berg

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About Student-Driven Learning and similar

If you like to explore, then come and join this workshop. In a group of experienced teachers we’ll discuss what student learning is, what student-centred teaching is, how you think and feel about this, what your experiences are and how we could help (other) teachers focus more on student-centred learning. In the first session we’ll exchange experiences and views on this; together with some theories we’ll form a shared view on student-centred teaching. In the second session we will work on a more practical level to help you enhance each other’s current teaching practices. 


Workshop, consisting of two half-day sessions with one to two weeks in between.


Not applicable.

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