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Voice training


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    Lecturers / (assistant) professors / PhD candidates with a teaching task

  • Date

    Several times a year

  • Time

    One half day meeting

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  • Maximum participants

    Maximum of 7 participants


After this workshop you will be more aware of your own use of your voice and you’ll have practiced some techniques for improvement.


Do you think you speak too softly or do you hear from others that you speak unclearly? Do you want to be less nervous during a presentation or to present more effectively? Do you have regular problems with your voice?
All of these topics and more will be addressed in the workshop ‘voice training’. The trainer is a speech therapist familiar with the work of lecturers in Higher education.
The participants largely determine the content of the workshop. Components of the program include:

  • How to improve your presentations by using your voice?
  • What is needed for a good use of your voice?
  • The importance of good posture and good eye contact for the quality of your voice and its volume (exercises).
  • Voice and mood; is there a connection (exercises)
  • A good pace of speech; how to obtain it? (exercises)
  • Clearly articulate; how do you do that (exercises)
  • How can you take care of your voice?
  • Personal advice for the future


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Voice training
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