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Performance skills: how to lecture with impact


Lecturers, PhD candidates and others who give lectures and talk in public.


You will be able to lecture with more impact. You will know how to deliver your content in a student- or audience-focused way, using some essential performance skills. You will be more aware of your body language and voice. And you will have experienced how you can captivate your audience’s attention by using the law of reciprocity.


We will work on the following aspects:

  • The use of repetition (‘the mother of education’) in the song structure/onion model. 
  • Body language and posture; how to stand and when to move.
  • Effective use of gestures to make your information tangible and to activate your students.
  • Lay-out of oral information to make your story well heard and to give the receivers processing time.
  • How to establish and maintain contact with your audience.


This is a very practical, hands-on course. It’s meant as a rehearsal space, to experiment with new behaviour. The trainer will challenge you and give you personal stage directions. You will apply those, with immediate result, to a mini lecture that you have prepared in advance. Prior to the course we ask you to watch a video on structuring your content.


1 day (8hrs) plus 1 hr preparation



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Performance skills: how to lecture with impact
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