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Welding basic course

Ignite Your Inner metal Maestro

Join us and discover the transformative power of metal crafting. This hands-on course aims to provide you with the essential foundation and techniques to design and assemble stunning metal objects in a creative and expressive way.

Under the guidance of a very skilled instructor, you'll learn the art of electric welding and explore the limitless possibilities of metal manipulation. From sculptural masterpieces to functional works of art, your imagination will come to life as you fuse, shape, and mold metal into extraordinary creations.

No prior experience is necessary. Embrace the opportunity to delve into this captivating craft and unlock your creative potential.

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot in this extraordinary course today! Don't miss this chance to join a community of metal enthusiasts and embark on an artistic adventure. Get ready to ignite the sparks of creativity with our Cultural Basics Welding Course!

This course is only for employees and students with avalid Union/Campuscard.

Further information: Joke Sanchez, Coordinator Cultural Education, cultuurcentrum@utwente.nl, 053-4895759

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Welding basic course
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November 2023
February 2024
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