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Course 3: Testing & assessment 2024/2025


  • Course code

    TA 2024/2025

  • Programme is for

    All academic staff (whether permanent or temporary, part-time or fulltime) with UFO profile HGL, UHD, UD, Teacher.

  • Date

    Several times a year.

  • Time

    The course will be scheduled during a 4 week period.  After the sessions, you will have a 3-week period to submit your evidence to demonstrate your competence on testing and assessment. In total the course + gathering and submitting evidence will take about 30-40 hours, depending on what you already have available and present knowledge and experience.

  • Location

    On campus 

  • Maximum participants


  • Trainers

    Sonja Bos, Marloes Luttikhuis, Helma Vlas (course coordinator).

  • Course materials

    You will get access to a Canvas site offering all the necessary content in a modular setting.

  • Requirements

    To provide evidence, it is important that you have been closely involved in the assessment of a course (at the UT). The assessment should also have been administered so that assessment results are available. If this is not possible but you would like to participate in a certain period, please contact the course coordinator to see if there is a possibility to prove your knowledge and skills in another way.


After this course you will be able to:

This course is about assessing student learning in higher education. We will use a step-by-step plan to present all the points for attention for constructing and grading a test/assignment in a valid, reliable, and transparent way. You will also learn to analyze assessment results in order to gain insight into the quality of the assessment as well as the education provided. 
With this course we aim to ensure that you will have a good basis of knowledge, insights and skills to fulfil the role of an examiner. The course helps you also to construct evidences that meet the criteria for the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) in relation to competence 3 - Assessment.

Based on insightful evidence, you will demonstrate that you are able to

1.    formulate clear, meaningful, active learning objectives (ABCD formula) that guide teaching and assessment for a specific course 2.    to design, construct, administer, assess, analyze and evaluate the assessment for a specific course according to the phases of
       the assessment cycle, in line with the learning objectives (constructive alignment) and purpose of your assessment
3.    design the assessment process in such a way that the criteria for good assessment are demonstrably met to a high degree:               validity, reliability and transparency, whereby you can expertly argue the choices made at each stage in relation to the quality             criteria
4.    argue how your assessment (including formative assessment) has an effect on (stimulating) student learning
5.    reflect on the entire assessment process and arrive at well-founded points for improvement for a next time.

In the course we will address some more topics, e.g. what kind of rules and regulations have to be taken into account. We expect you to know about these matters, but we won’t assess these topics separately.
You are also expected to reflect on your learning experiences relating to the assessment process you have described, the T&A course you attended and the process of arriving at the evidence. This reflection will be part of competence 5 (professionalization) for the UTQ and assessed in the assessment interview to complete your UTQ trajectory.


Topics that will be addressed during the course, are among others:


Preparation: self-study, preparatory assignments.
In sessions: presentations of trainers; plenary discussions; exercises in small groups; discussion of homework assignments; discussion of questions.
To show competence: delivering evidence by way of a format that addresses all relevant issues. 


The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) is a compulsory teaching qualification for lecturers, assistant, associate and full professors. PhD students cannot enrol directly on a UTQ course. PhD students will only be accepted for the UTQ in exceptional cases where the PhD student already has considerable teaching experience. If this is the case, please contact the UTQ supervisor of your faculty: https://www.utwente.nl/en/ces/celt/who-we-are/


To be eligible for a certificate, you are expected to attend all meetings, and actively participate in the meetings, prepare for the sessions through self-study and assignments. To show your competence you deliver proof by way of a report with supplements, in which you address all the relevant issues and show that you know how to assess students in a valid, transparent, and reliable way. The evidence provided should be of sufficient quality to qualify for the certificate. 

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