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Orientation on UT Bachelor Education (Blended)


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  • Programme is for

    This course is designed for new UT employees. 
    More info, see below

  • Date

    Blended course, free enrollment

  • Time

    About 3 hours

  • Location

    Online, Meet-up in Citadel H411

  • Trainers

    Anne Muller;
    Daniëlle Kuiphuis-Aagten


This course is designed for new UT employees in the following positions:

  • Researchers or PhDs who will be teaching in the bachelor
  • Educational support staff from CES or within the faculty who will be working on coordination or administration in the bachelor
  • Employees from other services (M&C, HR, LISA..) who will be working with/advising teachers in the bachelor
  • Other new employees who are interested to learn more about our education model in the bachelor are also welcome!


  • Know the ins and outs of the Dutch Education System
  • Explain the vision of the Twente Education Model
  • Describe the most important features of the Twente Education Model
  • Know the organisational structure of the UT Education
  • Know the different goals achieve with assessment
  • Know the quality assurance levels of the UT Education
  • Where to go with questions about education


In this blended course you will get to know everything you need as a new employee of the UT about our education. The course is recommended for all employees who will be working in the educational field of the UT (bachelor), but other new employees can also enroll! In the online course we will explain the ins & outs of the Twente Education Model and tell you about working in projects and the organizational structure of the UT education. During the closing Meet & Share session you will get the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences and ideas with your peers.


Are you not familiar with the Dutch Education System? Than we advise you to follow a mini-lecture before participating in this course. In this mini-lecture you learn in 20 minutes what kind of school types you have in the Netherlands, how the education is organized, what type of grading system we have, and how the Dutch educational culture looks like.

Open the mini-lecture here

Please note that a ‘security alert' will pop-up in your screen! Choose for the option ‘enable external content for this session’, in order to open the videos and external links in this mini-lecture.


This Blended Course is available in CANVAS