PhD Coding Clinic

Transform Your PhD Research with Automation: A Hands-On Course for Real Results

As a PhD candidate, you're already deep into managing and analyzing data, and you know how crucial it is to streamline these processes. That's where our course comes in. We're focused on showing you exactly which parts of your data pipeline can benefit most from automation. It's all about making your research more efficient and enhancing your skills in coding and project management. Using the latest easy-to-use programming tools, we'll help you create a custom plan for automating your data processes, tailored to your specific PhD project. Whether you're still getting comfortable with coding or looking to apply your skills more effectively, our course is designed to give you a comprehensive view of your project, helping you identify and automate bottlenecks. Plus, if your own project isn't ready for automation, we've got case studies for you to work on. Our teaching approach? Interactive and practical. Think of it as a coding clinic: there are walk-in hours for one-on-one help and monthly group sessions for sharing progress and brainstorming. Let's automate your research together.

Learning Aims

Teaching Activities

Assessment Methods:

Reflection on your own project and presentation of these reflections to peers in the form of a Power Point presentation

In the presentation, the student should:

Submit a data pipeline automation plan for own/given project

In the report, the students should:

Final project presentation

The course logistics

The course will be carried out over 6 months with biweekly walk in hours for coding clinic and monthly full-class meetings. The full-class meetings will include: lectures, presentations of the projects and reporting on progress to peers. The course will be worth 5 EC. The students can come in with their own data pipeline which they would like to build/improve under our counseling. Alternatively, we will offer an exciting practical case study for them to work on instead .



Meeting Type



Jan 26

Large Meeting

Intro lecture on coding during phd. Content: case studies of automation/coding enabling better research.

PhD: 3-5 slide present their research projects

Pre homework: prep 3-5 slide pitch of your phd project

Homework : come up with a project plan for automating parts of the own project

Feb 16

Walk-in Consultation

Help with finding bottlenecks, identifying project milestones

March 1

Large Meeting

PhDs: presenting project plan, and software to be used

Prepare overview (also possible to team up) of the software used for peers

Mar 15

Walk-in Consultation

Mar 29

Large Meeting

PhDs: Present the chosen technology to peers.

Homework: work on the project

Apr 19

Walk-in Consultation

Apr 26

Large Meeting

Progress report

Ad hoc mini-lectures by teachers about the details of selected technologies (e.g. automation with labview, OOP in python, GUI in python, using GPT in help with coding)

May 17

Walk-in Consultation

May 31

Large Meeting

Progress report

Ad hoc mini-lectures by teachers about the details of selected technologies

Jun 14

Walk-in Consultation

July 5

Final Presentation

Final presentation

 Meetings are all Fridays, starting from 14:00 and till 16:00 max.

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  • Location

    at the campus (to be announced)

dr. S. Pud (Sergii)
Assistant Professor
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