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Career prospects for Young Professionals


You have a new perspective on your career and tools to strengthen your control.


  • You learn about your talents, needs and values and what balls you want to keep at least in the air.
  • You see the thread in your development and formulate your personal ingredients for job satisfaction.
  • On the basis of diverse tasks you develop in your career focus and understanding of what is a good job context for you.
  • There is plenty of room for interaction with other participants.
  • The emphasis is on practical working from your personal situation.
  • Equipped with new insights, tips and feedback to make the translation to work and life.
  • At the end of the workshop you make a personal profile and give words to your offer in your work life and what is of value to you.   


The results of the career scan can be further deepened in the workshop. We work with diverse work forms including metaphors that appeal less conscious sources. Interact with peers, feedback and theoretical background provide inspiration and clarification. 

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  • Programme is for

    Young professionals who want to have more grip on their careers and have questions such as:

    ● Do I want to pursue an academic career or a different career? 

    ● I am able to do a lot of tasks in various directions and a lot of activities and roles interest me. I cannot do it all, so how do I choose?

    ● What work role fits me?

  • Date

    New dates to be announced. 


  • Time

    The workshop consists of two whole days.

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  • Course fee

    This training will be paid from central funds. However, you do need permission from your head of department.

  • Maximum participants

    minimum 5 participants and maximum 9 participants 

  • Trainers

    Lidia van Engeland
    Over de Noordzee, voor mens en werk
    Coach / trainer 

  • Course materials

    In preparation you make a career scan of 3 tests (about 1 hour). You get your results immediately. Other course materials will be provided during the training. "

  • ECTS

    1 ECTS

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Marjolein Rietman
Career Development Centre HR
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Career prospects for Young Professionals
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