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Workshop Tapdance&Bodypercussion

Rhythmic Explorations in Tap Dance and Body Percussion

Tap dance is an expressive form of dance in which rhythmic sounds are created by striking the floor with metal plates attached to the soles and tips of the shoes. Originating in America, tap dance emerged from a fusion of African, Irish, and English dance styles. Tapping is a unique dance style that combines both dance and music, synchronizing movements with percussion beats.

However, how else can we utilize our bodies as instruments of percussion? Join us, in collaboration with Tappin-It Collective, for an immersive workshop where we will explore the art of creating musical rhythms using our hands, voices, and most importantly, our feet. Regardless of your level of experience, everyone is welcome!

During the workshop, we will focus on tap technique, musicality, body percussion, and even delve into a captivating choreography piece. Get ready to unlock your creativity, synchronize your movements, and immerse yourself in the world of rhythmic expression.

Joining this workshop gives you also the tickets for the entrance to the performance "Jazzcafé" from the Tappin-it Collective the same evening!

This course is only for employees and students with a valid Union-/Campuscard

Further information: Joke Sanchez, Coordinator Cultural Education, cultuurcentrum@utwente.nl, 053-4895759

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Workshop Tapdance&Bodypercussion
January 2024
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