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Entrepreneurial Researcher Programme

Nowadays, the world is asking for an Entrepreneurial Researcher, a sort of researcher 2.0: a researcher who is able to translate research into business opportunities and is able to communicate with industry: This requires the researcher to acquire entrepreneurial skills. This course aims to teach University of Twente’s doctoral candidates how to transform the outputs of their research into business opportunities.

Are you a researcher and are you curious about your research’s business potential? Would you like to learn entrepreneurial skills? During this course you will learn how the results of your research can be converted into business. You will learn everything you need to know as a researcher about business modelling, pitching, financing and patents. This course is aimed at stimulating an entrepreneurial mindset in you by hands-on translating your own research into business.

The entrepreneurial skills you learn in this bootcamp will be valuable for a career in science as it will help you better engage with industry and it will also prepare you to work in industry. It is also the perfect start for those researchers who consider starting a spin-off company and would like to validate the business potential of their research. As entrepreneurial university, University of Twente has a long-standing track record in translating research into business and you will be therefore building on our valuable experience. This course will provide you with skills to join the many before you who have set up spin-offs or who have become top entrepreneurial-researchers at academia or in industry. 

There is also an online course for Entrepreneurial Researhcer, more information here

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  • Trainers

    Gilles Meijer, Tim de Kraker, NovelT

  • Location

    F2F  Location to be announced  

  • Requirements

    By registering for the Bootcamp: The Entrepreneurial Researcher, I allow the sharing of my data with Novel-T, who provides this training on behalf of the University of Twente. For more information about the processing of your data by Novel-T, please visit: https://novelt.com/en/privacy-statement/

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