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Masterclass Teaching in an international classroom


  • Course code

    TA 2022/2023

  • Programme is for

    Everyone involved in or with an interest in teaching in the international classroom

  • Date

    Three times a year

  • Time

    One sessions of 3,5 hours
    Self-study and assignments: 3 hours

  • Location

    On campus

  • Participants

    Max. 12, min. 5

  • Course materials

    You will get access to a Canvas site offering all the necessary content in a modular setting.

  • Trainers

    Marie-José Verkroost
    Chantal Scholten

  • Requirements

    Not applicable


Upon completing the course:

1.    The teacher is more aware of the own intercultural skills and attitude in teaching.
2.    The teacher is capable to make more conscious decisions in used teaching methods,
       fitting with the cultural backgrounds of the students.
3.    The teacher is able to work with heterogeneous groups in education.
4.    The teacher is more aware of problems international students are facing in education at


Maybe you have no experience yet with teaching in an international classroom, or you have some experience but came across some challenges with assessment like plagiarism, challenges with getting interaction with students, experience with students who ask the same question every time or don’t ask questions while it is clear that they have no clue what to do, group work that isn’t going well, etc.

Whatever your experience, background and questions – you are welcome to join and share your thoughts, knowledge and experience!  


Two weeks prior to the session participants receive an e-mail with the self-study exercises and assignments, and reading course material.

Further information

In order to be eligible for the certificate you need to hand in all the assignments on Canvas and participate in the online session. For more information you can contact celt-ces@utwente.nl. 

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Masterclass Teaching in an international classroom
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