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Masterclass How to activate the learning brain


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    Lecturers / (assistant) professors  

  • Date

    To be determined

  • Time

    · One online intro-session of 0.5 hour
    · Three sessions of 2 hours
    ·  Self-study and assignments: 8-10 hours

  • Location

    On Campus (and first online)

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  • Trainers

    Danielle Kuiphuis-Aagten
    Marleen de Haan

  • Course materials

    You will get access to a Canvas site offering all the necessary content in a modular setting.


After this training the participant is able to:

After this training the participant is able to:


This training set-up is developed in collaboration with the brain-central learning institute (BCL) from Eindhoven. BCL is an institute specialised in training, workshops, bootcamps etc. focusing on the learning brain, coaching and development and brain-based learning leadership.

This course focuses on teachers being the facilitator of the learning process of their students; How to optimal activate their students learning brain? This will be done by using the two approaches from BCL: 1. The 6 brain-based learning principles and 2. Autonomy, Status & Growth Mindset approach.

From the start to the end of this course you will work on integrating these two approaches in your own educational design. You do an analysis of your current educational design and add elements that improves the facilitation of the learning process based on new insights.

During this course discussion and exchanging ideas with others are important, as well as your preparation before the live on-campus sessions.


Preparation: exercises and assignments, reading course material¿
In course: assignments (both individual and group), discussions


This course is a ‘masterclass’ meaning that basic knowledge of educational design, creating a lesson plan etc. is required.   

Further information

In order to be eligible for the certificate you need to hand in the assignments on Canvas and participate in (all of) the sessions.

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Masterclass How to activate the learning brain
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