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Examination Boards: introduction to tasks & responsibilities

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  • Programme is for

    (new) members of Examination Boards, registrars and other interested people

  • Date

    Several times a year

  • Time

    1 session of 2 hours

  • Location

    On campus

  • Maximum participants

    Max 25

  • Trainers

    Helma Vlas and Frank van den Berg

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After this introductory course you will have an overview of the role, tasks and responsibilities of the Examination Board


The Examination Board has an important and formal role in safeguarding the quality of assessments in a programme.  But what does this entail in practice? In this two-hour course your will learn about the specific role and tasks of the Examination Board, how to operate in daily practice and how you can cooperate with other parties within the assessment organization.

There will be ample time for your questions and discussions.




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Examination Boards: introduction to tasks & responsibilities
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