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TGS: Work Smarter Stress Less

Target group

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Course description

In this 3 month course PhD candidates and EngD gain important insights in their personal stress factors and they learn to adapt their way of working to deal more effectively with stress and work pressure in a competitive, hard-working academic environment. The course aims to reduce their experience of stress and to improve their mental well-being.

The course focuses on the following themes and learning objectives:

Teaching Methods

Preceding the course each participant will have a personal 30 minute intake call with the coach/trainer and fill in a questionnaire on their interaction styles, especially with respect to the working relationship with their advisors.

The main course consists of 5 half day group training meetings. The theme of each meeting will be introduced briefly and most of the meeting will be spent practising new strategies to deal effectively with experiences in the everyday working situations of participants as well as exchanging experiences and perspectives with peers.

These group trainings are interchanged with mastermind sessions (intervision) in smaller subgroups. A detailed instruction for these sessions will be provided at the first group training.

Running parallel to these live meetings continuous e-coaching will be provided.

Participants who engage actively with the course will be rewarded with a private, individual, live coaching session (60 minutes) to look deeper into a personal coaching question.

About the coach/trainer

Dr. Claartje van Sijl holds a PhD in philosophy and is a professional coach and trainer. She has over 15 years personal and professional experience in academic research and specializes in coaching and training academics around career orientation, balance, and leadership. You can read more about her at http://vansijl.com


For years I felt that something was missing in my life, but I couldn’t pinpoint what. This course made me realize it was my intuition, and my trust in it as well. Thank you for helping me get my confidence in my intuition back!

- Maria, 3rd year PhD candidate at TUDelft

This course is a MUST if you are stressed out a lot. This course will help you not only by telling you but giving you the time to actually implement changes in your behavior. It also helps you connect to other PhDs, thereby giving a backsupport of peers to confront your own challenges and help improve yourself.

- 2nd year PhD candidate

This was one of the most valuable courses I have every attended. It has thought me to how to be less anxious by being less perfectionist and fear failure less. I balance my time and energy a lot better now. This course has built up my resilience tremendously. I consider that what I learned AND what we practiced to implement in this course will keep me a lot healthier throughout my career and life.

- 4th year PhD candidate

  • Programme is for

    2nd - 4th year PhD's and EngD's

  • Date


    - 16-20 September: Sphere of Influence Talentscan and intake calls. Online.

    - 1 October 10:00-17:00: 
    Training session 1: inventory & profile reports
    Training session 2: Time U-Parkhotel.

    - 8 October 09:30-11:00: Mastermind (subgroups). Self-organized on campus or video call.

    - 15 October 09:30-11:00: Masterminds (subgroups), Self-organized on campus or video call.

    - 22 October 10:00-17:00: 
    Training session 3: energy
    Training session 4: add Heart
    Training session 5: lean into the future U-Parkhotel

    - 5 November 09:30-11:00: Mastermind (subgroups). Self-organized on campus or video call.

    - 12 November 09:30-11:00: Mastermind (subgroups). Self-organized on campus or video call.

    - 19 November 09:30-11:00: Mastermind (subgroups). Self-organized on campus or video call.

    - 25 & 26 November: Individual coaching sessions. On Campus, Spiegel building.

    - Week 48: Evaluation, course wrap up.

  • Location

    Online (Zoom) and U-Parkhotel

  • Maximum participants

    15 participants

  • ECTS

    1.5 EC's

  • Trainers

    Dr. Claartje van Sijl

S.P. Boekholt (Sofia)
Course Coordinator CDC
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TGS: Work Smarter Stress Less
October 2024
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