Open Floor Dance

Open Floor Dance Conscious movement

In Open Floor we move mindfully and consciously. It is an embodied movement and mindful dance practice and (world) music is our guide. A dynamic dance, where we move beautifully to music. Connecting with yourself, your body, your feelings, your thoughts and also with each other. It also lets you loosen up and relax.

Open Floor is based on the heritage of Gabrielle Roth. A form of more conscious and meditative movement and dance. Without specific choreography, you are led to your own movement from within. Embodied movement increases your body awareness. An increasingly useful skill in times of an increasingly digital and technical world. And a quality that contributes to personal leadership. Open Floor helps us gain new energy. We can use it to build resilience and capacity, creativity, emotional intelligence, connection to self and others. The body has its knowledge and its reasons.

"It gets you out of your head and into your body."

So join the journey... Without many words. Let's start where the movement begins, where it flows, effortlessly, playfully and freely and ultimately in stillness, in meditation.

This course is only for employees and students with a valid Union/Campus card.

Further information: Joke Sanchez, Coordinator Cultural Education,, 053-4895759


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Open Floor Dance
April 2023
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