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Capita Selecta: Lattice Boltzmann Methods


In this capita selecta course the participants will learn the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) as a numerical toolfor the simulation of fluid flows. Basic ingredients of the method, its background and its advantages / disadvantages will be covered. The participants will execute flow simulations towards the end of the course using LBM to get hands on experience and demonstrate knowledge gained from the course. It is expected that participants provide regular reports of the topics studied and discuss with the advisor. Specifically the following topics will be studied:

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After this capita selecta you will have a basic understanding of the LBM and will be able to carry out fluid flow simulations at low Reynolds number in a range of complex geometries.

Courses / Duration and time Investment

Course : 01-04-2024 till 27-09-2024

10 appointments of half an hour with the supervisor on agreed dates in the specified period of 6 months.

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Capita Selecta: Lattice Boltzmann Methods
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