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    Are you a PhDstudent with teaching tasks? Or are you starting academic teaching staff with a short contract then this information about a UTQPartCertificate might be interesting for you!

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    Spring 2023

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    Kick off session and 2 intervision meetings

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    On Campus

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    Marleen de Haan, Cornelise Vreman

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    You will get access to a Canvas site offering all the necessary content in a modular setting.


A 4TU certificate for (either) competence Teach or competence Supervising students. For specific learning outcomes, see the courses mentioned under ‘Organisation’


The partial University Teaching Qualification certificate (UTQ-PartCertificate) is a certificate for a part of the UTQ, namely either competence Teach or the competence Supervising Students. The certificate provides recognition for the competences a teacher gained in teaching and/or supervising students.  You can obtain a UTQ-PartCertificate for the competences Teaching and/or for the competence Supervising students. The certificate is also valid at other Universities in the Netherlands.

To obtain the UTQ-PartCertificate, you need to have sufficient work experience, follow a course and provide evidence for your competences.


What does the UTQ-PartCertificate trajectory look like?

 Kick off + intervision

The trajectory consists of a kick-off and 2 intervision sessions.
During the trajectory, you will have a mentor. The mentor will explain the trajectory to you and facilitate the learning process in the intervision group meetings. The meetings will be on-campus. 

The cursory part

In parallel, you also attend one of our courses. In the cursory part you gather evidence, including  feedback from peers and students. You hand in evidence for your competence and will be assessed by your trainer. After successfully completing the course and the assessment, you will obtain a PartCertificate.

In case you opt for the PartCertificate Teach, you have to register for the CELT course 2a Practical Teaching Skills, run 5 (starting March 9).In case you opt for the PartCertificate Supervising students, you have to register for the course Supervising Final project run 4 (starting Feb 1) or run 6 (starting May 9).


Participants must have sufficient recent work experience at university or HBO, or be planning to have so in the coming semester.

More explicitly:

·         For the PartCertificate Teaching you need at least 20 teaching contact hours.
·         For the ParCertificate Supervising students you need to have supervised at least 4 supervision tracks (e.g., thesis, internship, project). Preferable both individual and group supervision

 Do you want to know whether you are eligible for one or both PartCertificate(s), please contact the educational consultant in your faculty.

Further information

Step 1: Check your eligibility by reading the admission criteria. These criteria are determined within the 4TU and are non-negotiable.
Step 2. In case you are eligible, register for the Kick off meeting + intervision sessions.
Step 3: Register for one of the courses mentioned above (related to the PartCertificate you want to obtain).

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