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Participation course for service councils (online)


  • Participants in this training learn how they can influence decision-making at the university in service councils.
  • The training briefly deals with the general principles of employee participation in higher education, and then focuses on the special role of service councils.
  • We discuss the organizational structure of the university and the position of the service councils within it.
  • We will also discuss the specific rules that apply to service councils. Participants are asked to submit cases and questions in advance, so that their own situation can be adressed in detail.
  • Please Note: the course partly overlaps with the basic course on employee participation, but goes further in depth, specifically on subjects that are relevant to members of service councils.


  • Consent, advice and right of initiative
  • University organization and governance
  • WHW and regulations
  • Specific rights of service councils

  • Programme is for

    Members of service councils

  • Date

    5th of October 2021

  • Time

    1.5 hours with an extra half hour for individual questions

  • Location


  • Maximum participants

    Maximum 15 participants

  • Trainers

    Jasper Groen and /or Menno van der Veen, Senior Trainers at TAQT training and advice

  • Course materials

    N / A

In addition to the central training offer, tailor-made training courses are also possible for each council and is also possible together with the board /director. Information can be found on the website of the University Council

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Participation course for service councils (online)
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