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Training teamleaders: Financially Fit Employees

With the current inflation and energy costs, we notice that the number of questions from colleagues about their personal financial situation is increasing. We have therefore started a UT action plan in which we offer various options to support colleagues.

Training aimed at teamleaders

For teamleaders there will be four opportunities to participate in a workshop. Two will be in Dutch and two will be in English. These will take place on 2 November and 1 December. 

The training will focus on the critical role that teamleaders play in acknowledging, recognizing and discussing financial concerns. This workshop provides insight into the urgency, costs, returns and early identification of financial concerns among employees. We discuss dialogue techniques and practical examples with employees with financial concerns or problems. The workshop is organized with our knowledge partner DiFfit (Sustainable Employmentship, Psychological Fit & Financial Fit).


In the training, participants gain insight into the importance of financially fit employees. We start with a theoretical framework, after which the discussion is started with practical examples. The training is interactive and touches on other facets of sustainable employability in addition to Financial Fitness. We practice conversation techniques on the basis of the cases to start a conversation with an employee.


• Market developments: What does Nibud observe?

• Consequences employer/employee

• Causes of financial problems

• Recognize signals

• Interactive quiz

• Practical examples & conversation techniques

• Process and working method

• Return: What does it yield?


• Insight into the problem and urgency of financial concerns among employees

• Knowledge of costs for the organization and the return of financially fit employees

• Handles to prevent failure, absenteeism and loss of productivity

• Opportunities to break the taboo atmosphere

• Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations. View of procedures and next steps


• Recognizing and addressing signals of financial concerns or problems early

• Use the right conversation when problems arise with an employee

• Apply procedures to prevent failure or absenteeism


Additional financial workshops can be found in the well-being weeks in November.

Why Financially Fit Employees?

When you are Financially Fit, you feel better about yourself, you are more productive, you live healthier and you have more freedom of choice. You are not only financially fit at home, but also at work all day long. You take your worries about your finances with you everywhere. This topic is now in the spotlight. As an employer, it has a great effect to support employees and to contribute knowledge about the subject within the organization.

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Training teamleaders: Financially Fit Employees
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