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Analytic Storytelling

About this course

This course is about telling clear, urgent, and compelling stories about complex content - stories that stick with your audience. You will be offered several practical tools which will help you communicate effectively.

During the course, you will:
·       Learn the Analytic Storytelling method through theory, examples, and exercises.
·       Experiment with various storytelling formats and techniques, by applying these to your own work.
·       Receive written and on-the-spot feedback from your trainer as well as from your fellow participants.

You will leave with:
A storytelling toolbox that contains practical techniques and formats for
·       tailoring your story to various audiences
·       communicating urgency and relevance
·       providing a rich and engaging context to make your story meaningful to others

  • Course code


  • Programme is for

    Researchers that need to communicate complex content in a clear and convincing way. 

    This course is specifically for PhDs/EngDs. Enroll in the course How to convince your audience with a good story if you are not a PhD/EngD

  • Date


    - 20 November 2023 (online)

    - 14 December 2023 (online)


    - 16 January 2024 (U-Parkhotel)

    - 16 February 2024 (online)

    - 28 February 2024 (online)

    - 13 March 2024 (U-Parkhotel)

    - 18 April 2024 (online)

    - 13 May 2024 (U-Parkhotel)

    - 10 June 2024 (online)

    - 18 June 2024 (U-Parkhotel)

    - 2 juli 2024 (U-Parkhotel)

    - 11 September 2024 (online)

    - 30 September 2024 (U-Parkhotel)

    - 17 October 2024 (U-Parkhotel)

    - 22 November 2024 (online)

  • Time

    The online course day is from 9.30 - 16.30 h. In this period you will have: 

    -Morning session: an online group session of ~2.5 h
    -Lunch break + assignment: ~1 h to have lunch and ~1h to work on an assignment
    -Afternoon session: an online group session of ~2.5 h

    Before the course day you follow a preparatory online module including an assignment (~2-3 hours).

  • Location

    Online or U-parkhotel

  • Maximum participants

    8 participants

  • Trainers

    Our trainers draw upon their experience with scientific research, philosophy, communication theory, creative writing, science journalism and theatre. Meet us here!

  • ECTS

    The study load for this course is roughly equivalent to 0,5 ECTS.
    After participation, you receive a certificate.

Further information
S.P. Boekholt (Sofia)
Course Coordinator CDC
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Analytic Storytelling
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