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English ESP: Writing: Short articles

This course is intended for staff members who are currently working from home and who are interested in improving their written English related to writing short articles and announcements. The course is intended for non-native speakers of English who wish to improve their writing skills in this area and receive constructive feedback on their writing.


The focus lies on refreshing existing knowledge, building confidence, acquiring new techniques for structuring articles, practicing new skills, and receiving constructive feedback.

 By the end of this course, you can:

  • Effectively set up an overall structure for your article
  • Structure the paragraphs
  • Use appropriate connectors and signalling
  • Engage a readership
  • Use persuasive techniques
  • Hedge effectively
  • Vary sentence structure and wording
  • Use appropriate grammar
  • Choose the right register


The course will consist of 4 sessions of 1 hour each over the course of 4 weeks. In addition to the online classes, an extra investment of about 1.5 hours a week is asked of you to practise with the knowledge gained and integrate feedback to further develop your skills. The classes will be offered via Canvas. There is no need for pre-existing knowledge of the learning platform. 


  • Course code


  • Programme is for

    Employees (non-academic support staff)

  • Date

    Check the available course dates on the page below  

  • Course fee

    UT-employees: €175,00 
    Service departments will be charged with the course price, so you do not pay yourself. You need permission from your head of department, and an OFI number. 

  • Trainers

    UT Language Centre qualified teachers 

  • Location

    via Canvas online

  • Maximum participants

    Maximum 8 participants

  • Course materials

    No course materials needed

  • Requirements

    The course will be given at B2-level or upper intermediary level (see CEFR for reference). No intake is required. The course is targeted at non-academic support staff.

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English ESP: Writing: Short articles
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