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1b. Come back session Academic Integrity (2nd part PhD Intro Workshop)

Due to Covid-19, there is no comeback session possible at the moment.

  • The Introductory Workshops as of April 2020 are 100% online.
    Please note that comeback sessions are not taking place. 
  • PhD/PDEng who attended the Introductory Workshops before February 2020:
    After you finish the Canvas online Academic Integrity part you can send your final assignment to
    We will check the online part and assignments every 2 months.
    Please be patient to receive your certificate.

The information underneath does not apply at this moment:

The comeback session for the Academic Integrity part of the PhD Introductory Course will be scheduled every three months.

You can sign up if you attended the 2-day PhD Introductory Workshop and have completed the online Academic Integrity part of the workshop PhD Introductory Course. 

  • Date

    This course is offered 5 times a year.
    Check the available course dates on the page below.

  • ECTS

    The TGS Certificate of 1 EC credits will be handed out at the Comeback session. 

  • Location

    to be decided

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1b. Come back session Academic Integrity (2nd part PhD Intro Workshop)
Unfortunately, no new dates have been announced yet. Registration is therefore not possible at this moment.